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My Targets and Visions

I know there are many people who have interest in cycling, but are lack of professional advice on how they should train. Having been training systematically in the Hong Kong National Team for many years, I hope that with my passion and experience, I can provide them with comprehensive, scientific and systematic training advices, so that they can be trained up effectively.

Introduction to Road Bikes

Road Bike Races have a long history. It has become one of the races in the Olympic Games since 1896. Distance for standard road bike race is around 200km. Athletes need to compete on the road for several hours, which is a big challenge for their endurance. In order to let the races run smoothly, the race organizers will provide support cars to each racing team, so that athletes can get repairing support, food and drink refill during the races.

Air resistance is an important factor during cycling races. Therefore, cycling athletes are not willing to lead in the front at most of the time. They always bike in a group, and lead the group one by one, in order to save energy.

Other than Road Race, Time Trial Race is also a kind of official road bike race. However, the rules and regulations for these two kinds of races have a big difference. In Time Trial Race, every athlete starts at a one-minute interval. Athlete who can finish the same distance in the shortest time will be the winner. If an athlete chases up to another athlete who started earlier, he cannot draft behind that athlete. It is regulated that the minimum distance between them is 2 metres. This can prevent the athlete from hiding behind another to minimize the wind resistance he faces. Therefore, Time Trial Race is a better measurement of the real strength of cycling athletes.

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