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Bike Fitting

An optimized position on the bike can affect both comfort and speed profoundly. Your body is the main source of wind resistance. If you can make yourself smaller as the wind 'sees' you, you can go faster with the same power output. Therefore, rather than buying a more aero frame or race wheels, proper bike fit has more potential to increase your speed.

It is reasonable that there is a compromise between speed and comfort. What a proper bike fit does is to put you in the fastest position that you can comfortably hold for the distance you race.

Proper bike fit can affect your power output, and the seat height is one of the factors. Having the seat too high or too low will decrease your power output. While the range for optimal seat height is very narrow, finding your best sitting position based on several factors, which are your body scale, biking histories, flexibility, racing distance, etc..


Common problems encountered by bikers without proper Bike Fit:

- Sore lower back or neck

- Numb hands or fingers

- Sore shoulders

- Pelvic asymmetry

- Buring sensations under their feet

- sore or aching knees

- male and female gential discomfort

- sore achilles tendon

- saddle sores




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